Drafting: Creating a Writing Purpose and Getting Words on Paper


The main goal of prewriting is to generate ideas. The main goal of drafting is two-fold: to create a purpose for writing and to get words on paper. Why not just dive in? Plan first and you’ll find revising (the next step of the writing process) will be a whole lot easier.
To discover your writing purpose, consider:
1.       Who are my readers?
2.       What do I want them to know?
3.       Why do I want them to know this
These three questions will get at the heart of three essentials to writing: Audience, Focus, and Thesis, which together form your purpose for writing.
Audience: who you are writing for. Who you are addressing will determine what you say and how you say it.
Focus: what you want your readers to know. You should have figured out in prewriting. If you’re still struggling with it, it’s best to do a few more prewriting exercises before trying to move on.
Thesis: why you want readers to know this. Together with your focus, knowing your thesis will help you determine your purpose for writing. All good writing has a clear purpose.
Once you’ve created a purpose for writing, keep it in mind as you begin drafting.
This being said, don’t over-scrutinize your work as you write. Your main goal in creating a first draft is just to get words on paper. There will be plenty of time to make it good in the next stage of the writing process: revising.
Note: you may think that creating a writing purpose applies only to non-fiction. Not true! I’m not a literary agent, but I’d bet much of the fiction they reject stems from the writer not considering who, what, or why as they created their story.

About Amy Joy

Founder of the Indie Writer's Network, Amy Joy is the author of serious and silly books for adults and kids including 2012 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Quarterfinalist THE ACADEMIE (YA dystopian romance).

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