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Happy Earth Day!


Here’s a few ways I plan on celebrating:

  1. With Free Coffee. Starbucks and Caribou are giving out freebies if you bring your own mug. Supposedly coffee’s linked to the Age of Enlightenment (is that a myth?) and I’ve got a lot of writing I want to do, so why not? (Besides, with the tiredness that has set in with Graves’ Disease, I need it! See my article, “I’m a Walking Zombie” for more details.)
  2. Write without Printing. There are plenty of drafts I don’t print. But at a certain point, I feel it’s important to print because I see things on paper that I don’t always see on the screen. However, I don’t think I need to print as often as I do. So it’s time to figure out another way.
  3. Donate. We have loads things that have been waiting around to be taken to the donation center so they can be re-used instead of being disposed. Today’s the day to get it done!
  4. Keep my use of resources to a minimum. Every day I try to be conscious of my energy consumption (besides helping the planet, it cuts costs!). Today I will be hyper-conscious and see if there are new ways we can cut energy consumption in our home.
How will YOU celebrate?

The Problem with Editing

>The problem with editing is that you have to keep reading the same thing


and over

and over

and over again.

The writing just isn’t as much fun the 50 bizillionth time around.

Ah time…time is so grand. With time we can set one writing project aside, move on to the next one, and come back to the last one after some time has passed. Then we can see it again with fresh eyes, and be able to really look at it critically, cut out the rubbish, add in more flavor, and–with any luck–find that what we wrote was more brilliant than we remembered.

I am a walking zombie: 4 1/2 Weeks After Radioactive Iodine Ablation

>”I can’t give you medicine yet. We won’t know for another month still if the treatment worked. I’m not even going to run the bloodwork because I’m not going to give you anything for it.”

“So what do I do? I can’t stay awake. I’m having trouble doing my job.”

“Drink caffeine. Get rest.”

Drink caffeine. It was the first time I have ever heard a doctor say those words. Usually it was the first thing they tell you to stop. “Well you have ______. Cut out refined sugar and caffeinated beverages.”

Today, I drank two cups of coffee so far. And now I’m sitting here, with my eyes half open, wondering how I will teach my last class of the day.

This has been my most difficult year of teaching yet. Not because of the workload or stress level. I’ve done it all before. Lots of times. But never like this. Never with chest pains, and heart palpitations, and total exhaustion, and shakiness, and eyes that don’t want to stay open. Never when all I really wanted to do was climb back into bed. Never when I didn’t care.

I don’t care. I think that’s what’s most difficult. For the first time in my life, things have gotten hard enough on me that I can’t put others needs before my own because my own needs are screaming at me. I can’t outshout her. She’s a scary zombie.

Nevermind. I’m just talking in my sleep.

Editing Takes Patience…Unfortunately

>Over a month ago, I finished the complete, revised draft of my young adult novel, The Academie. Since then, I have been dying send it off to agents and move on to my next project. What’s standing in the way? Editing. Why? Editing takes patience. Lots of patience.

Unfortunately, no matter how you cut it, editing simply isn’t a quick process. Why not? Because while we might like to hope that our word processor catches everything with its grammar and spell checkers, this simply isn’t the case. It can’t catch if you used the wrong version of a word (hear/here) or if you left out a word, or if you simply haven’t described a particular character with the right kind of detail. Tend to be on the wordy side? The spell-checker can’t catch that either.

So I’ll continue on, page by page, checking to make sure that everything is as perfect as it can be because I know that good editing could mean the difference between getting an agent and publisher for my work or getting my writing tossed into the recycle bin.

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