News Parody: Sunshine Appears in Midwest; Crowds Flock to Witness

At 8:14 this morning, Bonnie Ray of Riley, Ohio had an other-worldly experience.

“Suddenly, there was this bright light, streaming through the window, filling the room with this beautiful, yellow light. I stood, frozen. I wanted to call out to my husband, Harold, but I was too afraid.”

“Did you know what was happening?” I asked her.

“I just assumed aliens.”

“I came in a moment later,” Harold explained, “and she was shaking like mad. I pulled my arms around her, holding her tight and explained that it was only sunlight.” He paused before adding, “I remembered it from when I was a boy.”

I talked with reporters from throughout the Midwest region, many of whom witnessed the experience today. Tyler Thompson, of BigCity News, was on the scene in Chicago.

“I was in my office when I started hearing the commotion. My co-workers and I had closed our blinds decades ago so we wouldn’t have to look at the gloomy skies. When we heard the sound, Kim, my assistant, ran to the window to peer out. As she parted the blinds, this bright light blazed through. ‘MY EYES!’ she cried.”

Thompson explained how he and his co-workers–like others I spoke with today–simply left their work behind, drawn in by the bright light and the outdoor frenzy it was creating. People flocked to the streets to witness the event. Crowds cheered, street musicians celebrated, and local vendors sold ice cream, slushies, sunglasses, and suntan lotion. “We’re working on ‘I saw the sun!’ t-shirts right now,” one vendor told me.

Some estimates say that Midwesterners may not have seen the sun in as many as 40 years. Others say that many have seen glimpses of it, but have written it off as their imagination. Like Mrs. Ray, they are more likely to believe in aliens than in the possibility that the sun might actually shine where they live.

For those who witnessed the event today, it was something they will remember for a lifetime.

Did you witness the event? Share your story below or Click here to get your very own “I saw the sun!” t-shirt!

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    >Brilliant! 🙂

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    >lol…you so funny!

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