Made the Move to WordPress

Top reasons why I moved my blog:

  1. Blogger went down. Recently the program failed and it never fully recovered my material.
  2. I’ve heard the WordPress gets more hits. I decided to test it out.
  3. It was easy. No problem to set up, and it imported my Blogger account easily. Nothing lost–except what Blogger already destroyed, so I’m happy.
  4. Of the many blogs I’ve perused, WordPress looks more professional overall. (Some blogger sites look great; I’m generalizing here.)
  5. WordPress doesn’t require users to be logged in or members of their system to leave comments.

My thoughts on the move so far: I love it!  WordPress is user-friendly. I’ve heard that Blogger is easier. That may be the case, but I found it limited. With WordPress, I feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface of what’s possible.

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About Amy Joy

Founder of the Indie Writer's Network, Amy Joy is the author of serious and silly books for adults and kids including 2012 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Quarterfinalist THE ACADEMIE (YA dystopian romance).

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