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School’s back…forever

What if you knew that soon you’d be thrust back into high school–

after you graduated

after you said goodbye

after you thought it was over for good

If you thought high school was a prison when you were there, you haven’t seen anything yet.

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The Metaphorical Twinkie (via CNJamesWriter)

A must read about American cultural attitudes and the arts.

Our cultural attitudes toward the arts are reflected in our food. Behold the Twinkie. This yellow sponge cake thing has no nutritional value, is rumored to last forever, and is nothing more than an over processed eatable “thing.” It’s not food; it’s an imitation. Our lives could be so much richer, and our understanding of each other could be so much more nuanced and complex if, as a nation, the arts were given equal billing to that of the suppose … Read More

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Crafting Believable Characters (via CNJamesWriter)

Great article by my writer husband, Christian James.

To kick off the writing section of my blog, I figured why not upload my take on what it takes to make a good, interesting character. What do readers want to know about the characters? 1. The basics. The characters should be directly affected by the events unfolding in the story, i. e. the plot. Their demeanor, the way they dress, act, and interact with others should all stem from three places: 1. What is happening to them in the story. 2. Their p … Read More

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